With the most common 3 ton capacity for forklift use, our DLD30 model is manufactured with high quality with Japanese origin MITSUBISHI S4S-Z363CSFL Euro III engine.

DLD30 model; It has a wide field of view and meets all sorts of stacking needs with 2-stage 3300 mm, 2-stage 4200 mm, 3-stage 4700 mm and 3-stage 6000 mm lift options, air or filler rubber options, standard 1200 mm fork length or different forks.

In addition, mechanical joystick control, Integral Side Shifter, LED lighting, comfortable seat and top hat exhaust with type of hat have been preferred to increase the usage standards.

Technical Measures and Catalog
General Features

My Japanese motors are the S4S model that Mitsubishi has specially designed for forklifts as a result of many years of experience. It has a long service life, low operating noise level and low fuel consumption with Euro 3 exhaust gas emissions. The availability of spare parts in the market provides low cost and convenience in after sales services.

The lift system of our forklifts uses I putrel and has a wide field of view with its interior design. Integral side siphon attachment is available as standard.

Using the hat-type vertical exhaust outlet pipe, the damage from environmental factors is reduced to a minimum and the exhaust is allowed to go upwards through the rear weight of the smoke.

The seats used in our forklifts are specially designed for the operator. It protects the waist area, prevents sweating and provides comfort in forklift use for a long time thanks to its adjustable movements. It is also equipped with a strong safety belt that ensures work safety.

In our forklift, the movements of the hydraulic control are collected in a single pass. According to Levy usage, it is provided by joystick that all hydraulic equipment can be moved without changing the operator’s hand position. The joystick system in our machines is manual and is not an electronic system where users are likely to fail.

Rear Axle
Our rear axles, which are used in our forklifts, provide full maneuverability thanks to full hydraulic, wide return oil.

Motor Easy Access and Sound Isolation
In our forklifts, the engine hood consists of three parts. The engine bonnet under the seat is lifted in one piece for daily control and maintenance needs. When the covers on the left and right sides are removed for more convenient transportation of the technical service, all of the mechanical components are made easy to reach.

Right – Left Shift Attachment (İntegral Side Shifter)
The standard right-left shift attachment is used in our forklifts in order to make it easier for the operator to load and put the load. In order to reduce load-loss loss, instead of a right-left shift-attachment hook-on mounted on a carriage hanging fork, the integral attachment is used to shift the fork to the right and left

Led Headlight and Single Track Rear Stop
Led headlamps are used to provide the most healthy working environment of the operator and one-piece strong stop is used at the rear.

How many years of Warranty?
– 2 Year
– 2000 hour
(whichever comes first)
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