Our Human Resources Policy

We are aware of the fact that success is a result of the ‘customer satisfaction’ oriented service concept. At Spartek, we consider that providing customer satisfaction in the service sector is also indexed to employee well-being.

With the awareness that our company is the most important asset in reaching the developing and changing tomorrows;

– The employees are proud of being in it, can reveal their creativity,
– Based on mutual trust and open communication,
– Where success is appreciated,
– Our basic goal is to provide and maintain a working environment where responsibilities are assumed to achieve common goals.
– Our basic goal is to provide and maintain a working environment where occupational health, occupational safety and environmental awareness are the forerunners.

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What is the purpose of our policy?

For this purpose;

– We constantly monitor and organize our organization, human resources, systems and processes in order to ensure the continuity of our company’s performance.
– We select and recruit human resources that will bring our company to the future with equal opportunity among those who have corporate values, high development potential, flexibility and positive contribution to change.
– We create a development environment and opportunity for our employees to realize their continuous development and their potential.
– We monitor performance with fair, systematic, understandable and measurable performance systems that understand the individual contributions of our employees to company goals and that our managers are responsible for their development.
– We reward the contribution, performance and performance of our employees in the value added to the organization.
– We will develop practices aimed at creating and disseminating a culture that increases employee motivation and commitment, participatory, sharing, transparency, diversity and creativity.

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